Introduction of LIAJ

LIAJ’s main purpose is to contribute toward livestock improvement and development of animal husbandry in japan by providing breeding tools such as superior genetics, frozen semen and embryos, as processed data of production records.

  1. We systematically produce sire bull candidates and progeny test them so that sire bulls with superior genetic traits can be selected.
    (1) Dairy cattle
    We use top class dams and sire bulls, ranked by genetic trait evaluation in Japan or overseas, and, systematically produce sire bull candidates. Especially in recent years we have actively attempted to produce domestic breed sire bull candidates by taking advantage of the superior genetic resources available in Japan. The sire bull candidates are then randomly mated with daily breed dams across the country, and, the daughter cows’ abilities are tested at dairy farms nationwide(progeny test).
    Based on the outcomes of the progeny tests, those confirmed to have superior genetic traits are selected as sire bulls.
    (2) Beef cattle
    While respecting the diversity of Wagyu genetic resources, we use sire bulls and dams with superior meat yield traits from various sources across Japan and systematically produce or acquire our sire bull candidates. Our sire bull candidates are then mated with dams in the collaborating areas (in Hokkaido
    and 23 prefectures) to produce test subject offspring, which are then reared at contracted fattening farms and testing stations (11 locations). This ensures that the meat productivity tests (field tests) on growth, meat quality and such traits are conducted across the country, the outcomes of which become the basis for selecting sire bulls with superior genetic traits and pedigree traits.
  2. We produce or procure frozen semen for artificialinsemination and distribute it nationwide.
    (1)In order to promote breed improvement in dairy or meat cattle, we produce frozen semen for AI from selected superior sire bulls and distribute it nationwide.
    (2)For efficient offspring breeding, we produce and distribute our “Semen sexing technology (Sort90)”.
  3. We are striving to produce and distribute IVF-E and promote the use of reproductive device, etc.
    (1)In order to promote efficient breed improvement and herd breeding in dairy or meat cattle, we produce and distribute in vitro fertilized embryos (IVF-Es). We also use our “Semen sexing technology (Sort90)” to produce the IVF-Es and distribute them to meet the demand from various sources.
    (2)The animal drug “Eazi-BreedTM CIDR ”, our reproductive technology-related device “Cattle Optimum Conception Estimator Slide-rule,” etc., are available from us for more efficient AI or embryo transfer management.
  4. We strive to popularize herd performance testing and oversee its establishment in the industry.
    For better dairy farm operations, we collect and analyze the data from monthly tests on each cow concerning the milk volume, milk components and somatic cell count in the milk, as well as data on status of reproduction and concentrated feed volume, and then collate these in a herd performance test outcome summary as feedback to the dairy farm.
  5. We are a part of the livestock individual identificationsystem service.
    (1) For more efficient livestock breed improvement, our workincludes producer side support in the livestock individualidentification system, a system for the nationally unifiedmanagement of cattle based on an “individual ID”.
    (2) We are also committed to the development of a farmingmanagement information system that will utilize individualIDs as the common key and enable information sharingbetween the producers and other concerned organization.
  6. We perform livestock DNA analyses and R&D on reproductive techniques.
    (1)We perform a DNA analysis for determining the parents and offspring in a group of cattle, a test for specific genes related to genetic disorders, and conduct DNA analysis for pigs and dogs.
    (2)To ensure a better conception rate in AI and embryo transfer, we conduct R&D on cryopreservation technologies and other technologies for better product quality.
  7. We are engaged in the promotion and publicity campaigns for livestock breed improvement technologies.
    (1)The publication and distribution of “LIAJ NEWS”, ”Tamago tsushin (Egg bulletin)” and various other printed publication, and the provision of various information on our website( and the publication of our email magazine are a part of our public relations and publicity activities.
    (2)We offer a service for selecting the optimal sire bull for making an individual dam (BOSS System).
  8. We make contribution to international cooperation.
    We accommodate JICA’s requests and dispatch expert technical staff overseas including China, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Chili and Panama. We also accommodate overseas trainees for group training with the National Livestock Breeding Center and teach them about the herd performance tests progeny tests and IVF techniques that we carry out, thus contributing to the improvement of overseas livestock farming technologies.

Management-Structure (PDF)

Head OfficeIshima-building 17F,11-17 Fuyuki,Koutou-ku,Tokyo 135-0041,Japan
TEL : +81-3-5621-8911 FAX : +81-3-5621-8917
e-mail :
Computing CenterIshima-building 17F,11-17 Fuyuki,Koutou-ku,Tokyo 135-0041,Japan
TEL : +81-3-5621-8920 FAX : +81-3-5621-8921
Computing Center
Cattle Identification Center
1 Odakurahara,Odakura,Nishigou-mura,Nishis-hirakawa-gun,Fukushima-Ken 961-8061 ,Japan
TEL : +81-248-48-0592 FAX : +81-248-48-0586
Tokachi AI Center173-8 Sarubetsu,Makubetsu-cho,Nakagawa-gun,Hokkaido 089-0625,Japan
TEL : +81-155-54-2889 FAX : +81-155-54-2803
Hokkaido Office1-1 Kita-4jyou-nishi,Chuo-ku,Sapporo-shi,Hokkaido 060-0004,Japan
TEL : +81-11-242-9641 FAX : +81-11-242-9659
Morioka AI Center301-5 Shibasawa,Shimoda,Tamayama-ku,Morioka-shi,Iwate-ken 028-4134 Japan
TEL : +81-19-683-2450 FAX : +81-19-683-1334
Maebashi AI Center312 Kanamaru-machi,Maebashi-shi,Gunma-ken 371-0121, Japan
TEL : +81-27-269-3311 FAX : +81-27-269-5426
Maebashi AI Center Tokai Kinki Office2-7-11 Minokawashinmachi,Okazaki-shi,Aichi-ken 444-3526, Japan
TEL : +81-564-57-2055 FAX : +81-564-57-2058
Maebashi AI Center Kitakanto Office6-7 hiradekougyoudanchi,Utsnomiya-shi,Tochigi-ken 321-0905, Japan
TEL : +81-28-678-5424 FAX : +81-28-678-5425
Okayama AI Center415 Miyabashimo,Tuyama-shi,Okayama-ken 709-4602, Japan
TEL : +81-868-57-2475 FAX : +81-868-57-2476
Kumamoto AI Center4332-16 Kawahara,Nishihara-mura,Aso-gun,Kumamoto-ken 861-2404, Japan
TEL : +81-96-279-2647 FAX : +81-96-279-3496
Maebashi Institute of Animal Science
Division of Animal Genetics
316 Kanamaru-machi,Maebashi-shi,Gunma-ken 371-0121, Japan
TEL : +81-27-269-2441 FAX : +81-27-269-9331
Maebashi Institute of Animal Science
Division of Animal Reproduction
316 Kanamaru-machi,Maebashi-shi,Gunma-ken 371-0121, Japan
TEL : +81-27-269-2440 FAX : +81-27-269-9526
Animal Biotechnology CenterYada-building5F,3-21-10Higashi-shinagawa,Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo 140-0002, Japan
TEL : +81-3-3740-2709 FAX : +81-3-3740-271
Animal Biotechnology Center
Kobe Branch
7-1-20 Karumo-dori,Nagata-ku,Kobe-shi,Hyogo-ken 653-0032, Japan
TEL : +81-78-685-2626 FAX : +81-78-652-5371
Animal Biotechnology Center
Fukuoka Branch
2-85-14 Higashihama,Higasi-ku,Fukuoka-shi,Fukuoka-ken 812-0055, Japan
TEL : +81-92-643-7676 FAX : +81-92-643-7677
Hokkaido Beef Cattle Progeny Testing Center173-8 Sarubetu,Makubetu-cho,Nakagawa-gun,Hokkaido 089-0625, Japan
TEL : +81-155-54-2802 FAX : +81-155-54-2803
Hiroshima Beef Cattle Progeny Testing Center2138-35Nyuno,kouchi-machi,Higashihiroshima-shi,Hiroshima-ken 739-22084, Japan
TEL : +81-82-437-0327 FAX : +81-82-437-2577

Location (PDF)